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What are the three conceptions of God?
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The three conceptions of God refer to the three attributes or qualities of God in Christian theology, namely the Creator, the Redeemer and the Holy Spirit. These three attributes are believed to be present in every Christian's faith and are considered to be the foundation of Christian theology.

  1. Creator: God is the Creator of all things, including the universe and all life within it. The Christian belief in the Creator God is based on the account of creation in the Book of Genesis in the Bible. The Creator is seen as the master and ruler of the universe who maintains and governs all things.

  2. Redeemer: God is also seen as the Redeemer, who saved and forgave the sins of humanity through the sacrifice of his own son, Jesus Christ. This is based on the New Testament accounts of Jesus' life, death and resurrection, as well as the Christian belief that through faith in Jesus, people can be reconciled to God and saved from their sins.

  3. Holy Spirit: The third conception of God is that of the Holy Spirit, which is seen as a supernatural force or entity that empowers and guides Christians in their daily lives. The Holy Spirit is believed to be active in every Christian's life, leading them to live a godly life, emboldening them to witness and spread the gospel, and helping them to understand and apply the teachings of the Bible.

These three conceptions of God are believed to be inseparable and co-existent in every Christian's faith, and are considered to be the foundation of Christian theology and devotion.

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